Of course, LINE-X is known for its truck bedliners. It’s the product that solidified their reputation for exceptional product reliability. But the protective coatings Line-X offers are for much more than just truck beds. Expanding their applications into a variety of industrial, manufacturing and transportation services, LINE-X coatings are now found virtually everywhere. Here’s where LINE-X proves its superior workability:

  • Industrial — From construction to energy, LINE-X coatings provide safeguarding against damages to expensive tools, mechanical systems, and vehicles.
  • Military and defense — Providing superior protection for troops and their equipment and weaponry, LINE-X is found around the globe and protects soldiers from explosions while in their vehicle.
  • Agriculture — Extending the life of tractor blades, horse trailers, cattle fencing, and much more, corrosion-resistant LINE-X coatings protect the lifespan of your much-needed equipment.
  • Marine — Scratch, dent and rust-resistant, LINE-X protective coatings can be used on both land and water.

From ATVs to golf carts, from boats to jet skis, our protective coatings — backed by superior application techniques — continue to lead the industry in strength, durability, and rugged good looks. Have a unique application idea where superior protection is needed? Contact us now for a custom project estimate and to get started today!